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Global Colors Poland

GLOBAL COLORS POLSKA S.A. (often called GCP) is a leading manufacturer of color and additive masterbatches for plastics in Central and Eastern Europe and the one of the largest in Poland. The Company’s current market position was achieved only within 15 years of its existence. Since the establishment of GCP until the present, as a result of a consistent investment policy of the Management Board and the efforts of the Company employees, the Company has increased its production capacity and the sales of its products over four times and it has invested in a new laboratory in which, apart from ongoing analyses and quality tests, the colors of masterbatches are effectively created according to the Recipient’s request.

GCP is as strong as GLOBAL COLOR GROUP, of which GCP is a member.

Apart from GCP, the Group consists of:

  • PLASTIKA KRITIS (Greece) – the founder and owner of the Group, manufacturer of color masterbatches, garden membranes, geomembranes and pipes
  • SENKROMA (Turkey) – a manufacturer of color masterbatches intended mostly for PP non-woven fabrics
  • ROMCOLOR (Romania) – a manufacturer of color masterbatches for various applications
  • GLOBAL COLORS RUSSIA – a manufacturer of color masterbatches for various applications


The motto of Global Colors Group – “global presence, local service” fully reflects our method of operation, i.e. care of perfect relations with our recipients and the guarantee of technical and commercial support at the world's highest level.


GLOBAL COLORS POLSKA S.A. is a manufacturer of masterbatches for a very broad spectrum of applications. Manufacturing of masterbatches for coloring and supporting the production PE, PP and PS membranes has been our strength for many years. Our clients include the largest manufacturers of plastic packaging in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Belarus and Russia. Moreover, on the basis of our quick color selection service we provide masterbatches to the packaging sector for:
The food industry (cups for dairy products, trays, containers, cutlery and many others)
The cosmetics industry (flacons and bottles for cosmetics based on pearl and metallic pigments, emphasizing the exclusiveness of the package)
The painting industry (buckets and boxes)
The pharmaceutical industry (medicinal packaging - bottles and ampoules)

GLOBAL COLORS POLSKA S.A. also cooperates with the household appliances sector (mechanized and non-mechanized devices), the furniture industry (garden furniture, siding, and furniture finishings), and the automotive sector (car equipment elements).

It is difficult to imagine an application or a processing method for which GCP does not have or will not have ready solutions and proposals for new products.

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